Monday, December 28, 2009

It's a New Year!

As this New Year unfolds in front of us, we start making resolutions, we create idea's on how to make the upcoming year a more pleasing one.

Many make resolutions on how they can improve themselves or their character. But, have you ever thought about making a resolution that will benefit not only you, but the others around you, and the next generation?

If you wish to walk with me through this new experience, just view and pursue the six following steps...

First and foremost, if you do not recycle, aim to do so!

Also, Recycle your Christmas tree!

Strive to only turn on appliances and lights when {absolutely} necessary.

Replace your cleaning supplies with non-toxic alternatives. [I would recommend Meyers]

And if you don't already, .::this is a must!::. Reuse your grocery bags!

Last of all, but most important of all:

Enjoy your Environment!

Get out in the sun more, create a garden, get your rusty bike out of the shed, resolve to take brisk walks often.

These are quite simple yet, if accomplished, will help the earth around you in so many beneficial ways!

So, what are you waiting for?

Have yourself a VERY Happy New Year! :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

[Wordless Wednesday]

Trash: What are you doing to fix the problem?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Eating up your Wednesday

You know those incredibly picky eaters? To confess...thats me.

Because I am so picky, and prefer REAL foods, and food that is nutritious for me...I will be devoting some of my blog posts to eating healthy, in an unhealthy world. But, you may think, "I am way too busy!" Or "It costs too much!" Alas, these truths are evident. But, let me show you a few fast options that are still healthy for you!

Instead of: Soft drinks
Choose: Water

Instead of: Cheeseburger
Choose: Hamburger

Instead of: Salty sides
Choose: Fruits or veggie sides

Instead of: Fried
Choose: Grilled

Instead of: White bread
Choose: Whole grain or wheat bread

These are five easy, simple substitutes to keep in mind, as you are eating out.

Hope this helped! Remember:

Healthiness is the healthiest! :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

.::Environmentally Friendly Monday::.

Today, we will be collaborating the environment and energy together!

Next time your about to leave your house remember to stop and think:

"Are all my lights out?" and if you have the time, run around the house and turn off the lights. This will save you money, and it's better for you.

Also, make sure any chargers are not plugged in, such as camera chargers, laptops, and cell phones. As crazy as it seems if they are plugged in they will still use 5 watts per hour, when they are NOT recharging a battery.

I am known in my family as the person who literally walks around the house and flicks lights off, because when I see a light on that is not being used my mind automatically will begin to see..."$"

It's important to save money in these troubling economic times, so why not do the "Little" things that in the end will go a *long* way?

So, there you have it, and I challenge you to go flick a light off that is not currently being used. ;)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Eco-Wear Friday!

Many of you now should know by now how to recycle, what not to throw away and to be aware of the dangers of PLASTIC. But, today the question I want to pose to you is something that most of us don't worry about, but SHOULD....

"How can you be eco-friendly in your own personal life?"

This was challenging for me, I wasn't ready to switch to makeup that was "Natural" but didn't cover ANYTHING! Being eco-friendly in what you wear, is important too!

Think about it, it's the clothes you put on everyday, it's the powder you inhale while you are putting on makeup. This is the important bits and pieces that I want you to be aware of!!!

So, a week ago I purchased this new powder from --

and I LOVE it!! It cover's everything! But, without the gross feeling you get when you use Bare Minerals (Or other natural powders.) It is made from the most natural ingredients, and I brought some of their eye makeup, and lip stuff. I use it all the time now, and I love the feeling of it! It feels good and I don't wake up the next morning with a spotted face! :)

So, I hope this may not be an "Ideal" price, but it lasts a LONG time, and it is SO beneficial! It will help your face clear up, it will feel so much better and remember it is NOT toxic!!

Monday, September 7, 2009


Now I want to move on to more "untouched" and "sacred" topics, such as PLASTIC!!! I can't help but cringe at the word..because I think of all the terrible things it does to our environment.

I was to the point of sheer happiness when I found this GREAT article on plastic! The first thing I wanted to do, was share it with EVERYONE! So, putting it on my blog was the least I could do. Here is the link...:)

I hope everyone that reads this will actually put in action what the article says, share it with your Mom, your Aunts, your Grandma's your Mom's friends...ect. :)

This is SO important, so needed, so gooooood. :) Plastic is such a sad item that our society has run to for help, and it has done anything BUT help. Thats why I want each of you all to be aware. Because it is so important.

I will update more later on the subject of "PLASTIC" and want my viewers to be very, very, very aware. :)

Monday, August 31, 2009

First off...

Alright, first off I want to start this blog out with telling you all the little aspects of living green, then as the time goes by...move on to more challenging and creative ways to be GREEN. :)

So, starting off I'll tell you my one passion when it comes to being "green"...and thats recycling!

But, like many Americans out there you may want to recycle, and try to recycle...but sometimes you just get stuck...not knowing what to recycle or how to recycle it. Annnd thats why I'm here!

First and for most is to contact your city if you don't already have a recycling bin. Your city will have a list (online) of what they recycle...and what numbers of plastic they recycle. As soon as you have THOSE, you are free to recycle all that your city allows! Yay!

But, my blog isn't going to just be about borderline "recycling" it's going to be about RE-CYCLE-ING. Using something for one purpose, and after using it for that purpose, find other creative ways to use it. So, this will be allot of fun! I hope you all can try these activities and comment and tell me how they went for you!

Peace (-<)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Hello to blogging!


First off I am a teenage girl that is in love with Jesus and I love doing special things just for Him! So, taking care of His earth is one way that I thank Him. :) My favorite verse that I have modeled this blog after is --

"Let us make human beings in our image, make them reflecting our nature. So they can be responsible for the fish in the sea, the birds in the air, the cattle, And, yes, Earth itself."

Genesis 1:26

I will be sharing some fun and easy idea's on how to live more easily "Green".