Sunday, March 14, 2010

Long time, no blog post...

I am aware that it would seem as though I have neglected this blog, and my faithful followers. (Yes, that would be you.) ;)

My deepest apologies for my inconsideration.

Since my mind has been off in "Debate land" thinking about the joys of being eco-friendly is quite a pleasant adjustment.

As I have had some time to get my mind out of the ordinary "...ANWR, CWA, CWRA, CAA, ESA, SWRF, SF, CWSRF..." (Yes, that is debate gibberish.) I have been reviewing in my mind future goals, and where I currently stand when it comes to helping the environment.

Well, here is goes...

I have realized (I am sure you have also) that often, environmentalist have become senseless when it comes to taking care of our beautiful environment. And have proposed that simply our existence is "Harmful for the Environment"...I am quite frankly stunned at this statement. That men and woman alike would doubt the fact that our magnificent Creator put us here for a significant reason, for this significant time, is incredibly mindless.

When humans carelessly put the environment in first class and our Heavenly Father in coach...that my friends, is where I draw the line.

Being good stewards of the environment (the space around us) is of the upmost importance to you have most likely already conceived. :) And I pray through this short life I am blessed to live, I will provide hope for those willing to serve their Father in all that they do, specifically in the arena of the environment.

I hope each of you are blessed and encouraged each time you read my blog posts.

Love always ~

- Your faithful (or rather, unfaithful of late) blogger. :)