Monday, August 31, 2009

First off...

Alright, first off I want to start this blog out with telling you all the little aspects of living green, then as the time goes by...move on to more challenging and creative ways to be GREEN. :)

So, starting off I'll tell you my one passion when it comes to being "green"...and thats recycling!

But, like many Americans out there you may want to recycle, and try to recycle...but sometimes you just get stuck...not knowing what to recycle or how to recycle it. Annnd thats why I'm here!

First and for most is to contact your city if you don't already have a recycling bin. Your city will have a list (online) of what they recycle...and what numbers of plastic they recycle. As soon as you have THOSE, you are free to recycle all that your city allows! Yay!

But, my blog isn't going to just be about borderline "recycling" it's going to be about RE-CYCLE-ING. Using something for one purpose, and after using it for that purpose, find other creative ways to use it. So, this will be allot of fun! I hope you all can try these activities and comment and tell me how they went for you!

Peace (-<)