Monday, September 7, 2009


Now I want to move on to more "untouched" and "sacred" topics, such as PLASTIC!!! I can't help but cringe at the word..because I think of all the terrible things it does to our environment.

I was to the point of sheer happiness when I found this GREAT article on plastic! The first thing I wanted to do, was share it with EVERYONE! So, putting it on my blog was the least I could do. Here is the link...:)

I hope everyone that reads this will actually put in action what the article says, share it with your Mom, your Aunts, your Grandma's your Mom's friends...ect. :)

This is SO important, so needed, so gooooood. :) Plastic is such a sad item that our society has run to for help, and it has done anything BUT help. Thats why I want each of you all to be aware. Because it is so important.

I will update more later on the subject of "PLASTIC" and want my viewers to be very, very, very aware. :)